Kaitlin Sandeno

Golden Glow: Out This Summer on Rowman & Littlefield

We are thrilled to share the news of Kaitlin’s debut book, Golden Glow, out July 15th with Rowman & Littlefield! Co-written by Dan D'Addona, Golden Glow tracks Kaitlin’s incredible journey both in and out of the pool. Full details can be found HERE.


Kaitlin Named One of the First Female GM’s in Pro Sports History!

Read all about Kaitlin’s historic role in accepting the position as GM for The International Swimming League’s DC Trident HERE!


Kaitlin to Host U.S. Department of Defense's Warrior Games This Weekend!

Check it out via Swimming World HERE: https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/olympian-kaitlin-sandeno-to-host-swimming-for-2018-warrior-games/

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien via Swimming World

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien via Swimming World

New Interview via Digital Journal

Check it out for the latest on Kaitlin HERE!

Kaitlin on 2018 ISHOF Inductee, Amanda Beard

We hear about the medals and impact on pop culture by great athletes. But we don't always hear about their grace and leadership with teammates in the warm-down pool at The Olympics. Check out this story from Kaitlin about how Amanda Beard helped her with perspective on the biggest swim meet in the world. Full story via Swimming World HERE: https://bit.ly/2GTz2bA


Kaitlin Announced as Partner and Face of Laguna Fin Company

Check out the details via Swimming World for this incredibly innovative new product - a fin for breaststroke kick and beyond!

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Kaitlin on Coleman's Carpool

via SwimSwam; enjoy!:


Kaitlin is an ambassador for GOLDSHEEP leggings! Check out their awesome gear here: https://goldsheepclothing.com/



Kaitlin and her nutritionist husband LOVE 3PM Bites. Use the discount code THETREAT for 10% off + fee shipping! Enjoy :)


Kaitlin and The Jessie Rees Foundation

Kaitlin is a proud ambassador of The Jessie Rees Foundation, bringing "joy jars" to over 150 children's hospitals. Learn more about the incredible work the foundation does HERE. #NEGU